About Jason Hayes

As a national activist within the LGBTQIA Community and Celebrity Makeup, Hair & Wig Artist, I am cautious as to where I lend both my name and my voice. After the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, with no experience I organized DISARM HATE, the national rally in Washington D.C. where 10,000 diverse people from across the country attended in support of the LGBTQIA community. Today I continue to see the ripple effecting change that results in daily changes in people lives, activism, and community service. So I am devoted to the mission that one person can make a big difference. I am also committed to the idea that we first see each person as the unique individual that they are. The PRIDEFUL brand has sparked my sense of hope again with its platform and mission statement.

As a celebrity make up and wig artist, I have worked in the world of Fashion, Print, Film, TV & Broadway for decades. I have worked with artists such as Felicity Huffman/TransAmerica, Debra Messing, Cate Blanchett, RuPaul, Harvey Fierstein, Paul Rudd, Uma Thurman, Jennifer Hudson and so many more. I have designed for shows such as SMASH, 30 ROCK, Men in Black 3, The Present, Party Monster, Hairspray, In The Life, Spring Awakening & The Radio City Christmas Spectacular 75th Anniversary to name just a few.

I have seen firsthand the need for an incredible line like PRIDEFUL. What sets PRIDEFUL apart is its unique approach to make its products multi use. What my Trans Sister might use for her day eye makeup can also be used by my LatinX brother to enhance the crispness of his facial hair. I myself could use it to define my brows a touch more and a Drag Queen could do a dark smokey eye. All of this from one product.