A mission full of pride

PRIDEFUL™ is a new brand born from the desire to effect change and inspire inclusion. Our products are gender non-specific as PRIDEFUL’s mission is to cater to the individual, with both pride and purpose.

PRIDEFUL’s objective extends beyond placing the Pride Flag on our products solely for the month of June. It is to create visibility and to promote acceptance – one individual at a time. We seek to promote our brand with those we serve; that the true influencers are those standing by our side. Here at PRIDEFUL we are true to our word about effecting change and it is our core belief that a pivotal way for us to do this is to make monetary donations to local and national grassroots LGBTQIA+ non-profits in the communities serviced by our LGBTQIA Heroes. This keeps our connections to our international LBGTQIA+ community and allows us to see positive change in real time, while bringing a grassroots inspired mandate to our marketing, where we can service individual markets and communities nationwide.

For the launch of PRIDEFUL we are proud to partner with The Matthew Shepard Foundation. Matthew was a young gay man who was murdered in 1998 and the foundation in his name works tirelessly to ERASE HATE. Jointly we are looking to ERASE HATE and PAINT LOVE WITH PRIDEFUL. We here at PRIDEFUL feel that the only way to effect real change is by visibility and acceptance. We are committed to the long-term work ahead of us as a brand. The Matthew Shepard Foundation’s work is key to educating, informing, and creating acceptance with understanding. This work is paramount to us here at PRIDEFUL.

At PRIDEFUL we believe that there is a great need for a personal care products that cater to a diverse spectrum of users based on individual need not gender stereotypes.. What could be used as daily eye makeup, could be the same product to define and tone the crispness of facial hair. Day to night, eyebrows to smokey eyes. Daily enhancement for our sisters and brothers, or war paint for our Queens and our Kings and everyone in between.

We are not making a line defined by the binary. We are creating a line that asks the simple question:

What Do You as an individual need? 

If beauty is truly more than skin deep, then we ask that you take this message to heart and lend your voice to being PRIDEFUL. Gender Expression, Gender Fluidity, Artistry, our unique identities; PRIDEFUL wants to celebrate this all.

Meet Jason Hayes

Creative Director

As a national activist within the LGBTQIA Community and Celebrity Makeup, Hair & Wig Artist, I am cautious as to where I lend both my name and my voice. After the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, with no experience I organized DISARM HATE, the national rally in Washington D.C. where 10,000 diverse people from across the country attended in support of the LGBTQIA community.

Today I continue to see the ripple effecting change that results in daily changes in people lives, activism, and community service. So I am devoted to the mission that one person can make a big difference.

I am also committed to the idea that we first see each person as the unique individual that they are. The PRIDEFUL brand has sparked my sense of hope again with its platform and mission statement.

PRIDEFUL is about working toward change that really matters. If beauty is truly more than skin deep then we ask that you take this message to heart and lend your voice to being PRIDEFUL. There’s a little gender fluidity in all of us and PRIDEFUL wants to celebrate that.