Brand Vision/Mission Statement

PRIDEFULTM is a brand motivated by effecting change and inspiring inclusion. Our products are non-gender specific because  PRIDEFUL caters to the individual person with pride and purpose.


PRIDEFUL’s mission is far more than simply placing the Pride Flag on products for the month of June. PRIDEFUL’s mission is to  create visibility of each individual and acceptance – one individual at a time. We are not looking for influencers or bloggers to talk  about our products as we feel that the true influencers are those standing by our side. We want you to hear about PRIDEFUL from local activists, artists, & LGBTQIA heroes as they tell you about how PRIDEFUL has met their individual needs be they Cis Gendered  Male, Trans Female/male, Gay, Lesbian, Non Binary, LatinX, African American, Asian, or Caucasian and more.

Our mission is to work grassroots in individual markets and communities nationwide alongside those actively inspiring and leading their individual communities across the country. 

 Here at PRIDEFUL we are true to our word about effecting change and it is our core belief that a pivotal way for us to do this is to make monetary donations to local and national grass roots LGBTQIA non-profits in the communities serviced by our LGBTQIA heroes rather than paying bloggers or influencers. This keeps our connections to our international LBGTQIA community and allows us to see positive change in real time.
We at PRIDEFUL are taking things back to basics. We are not making a line for men or women. We are creating a line that asks a few simple questions. The first being, What Do You Need? What do you as an individual need? We focus solely on skin type not gender. We focus on cosmetic needs not gender. We focus on the fact that we are all individuals and no one knows us better than we know ourselves.

PRIDEFUL is about working toward change that really matters. If beauty is truly more than skin deep then we ask that you take this message to heart and lend your voice to being PRIDEFUL. There’s a little gender fluidity in all of us and PRIDEFUL wants to celebrate that.

By placing PRIDEFUL on your store shelves you are truly helping to celebrate the incredible sense of self in every customer who walks your aisles.