It’s a Glam Thing Has Featured Prideful

It’s a Glam Thing has published an article featuring our 6-Pack Hydrating Lip Gloss Collection. It’s a Glam Thing is based on beauty and lifestyle expert TV, how to videos, celebrity interviews and more. It’s a Glam Thing offers info for women, men and teens.

PRIDEFUL’s objective extends beyond placing the Pride Flag on their products solely for the month of June. It is to create visibility and to promote acceptance – one individual at a time. They seek to promote the brand with those they serve; that the true influencers are those standing by their side. At PRIDEFUL they are true to their word about effecting change and it is their core belief that a pivotal way for them to do this is to make monetary donations to local and national grassroots LGBTQIA+ non-profits in the communities serviced by their LGBTQIA Heroes. This keeps their connections to our international LBGTQIA+ community and allows them to see positive change in real time, while bringing a grassroots inspired mandate to their marketing, where they can service individual markets and communities nationwide.”

The full article can be found here.